Maricar Dizon
Maricar Dizon




The design is one of the key elements that define the success of a product. Design is everything, whether it's the appearance of the product or the way people use it. Every year, we have to learn some new things and absorb new ideas in the design field.



Smartphones have invaded almost every activity of our lives. Different applications assist us and make the life easier. As a UI/UX designer my job is to create the user interface meeting users’ needs and making the experience uncomplicated and satisfying.

Packaging and Prints

Every product is different and one of the most challenging part is creating a dieline. The dieline is the heart of the product packaging design. Dielines lay out packaging dimensions, sizing, logos, cutting lines, bleed requirements and other manufacturing requirements to give designers a comprehensive view of how packaging will look after printing.


While designing, I put special attention to smallest details and make sure users feel more comfortable browsing the website . Since there is more to it than just being beautiful, I put a lot of energy into creative process and think about your goals, needs, visitors and more.